Publications in QCDFT

    A: Journal Papers

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    B: Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings (full paper)

  9. G. Lu, Q. Peng, X. Zhang, L. Hung, E. A. Carter, "Quantum Simulation of Materials at Micron Scales and Beyond," Oberwolfach Reports, Volume 5, Issue 2, 1117 (2008). | [DOI:10.4171/OWR/2008/21] | [online] | [local PDF] | [bibtex]

    C: Book Chapters

  10. Q. Peng*,"First-Principles Quantum Simulations", in book "Nanoindentation in Materials Science", edited by Jiri Nemecek. (2012) InTech, ISBN 980-953-307-282-6. [PDF online] | [downloads 353] | [bibtex]