Dr. Qing Peng


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Primary)

Primary contact info
Email: qing@qpeng.org
Phone: 1 (518) 279-6669
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
University of Michigan
2966 Cooley Bldg.
2355 Bonisteel Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2104
Homepage: http://qpeng.org

Referee Information
Status: Available to review

Expertise Area(s) of Specialization: Theory

Density functional theory, DFT, ab initio calculations, multiscale modeling, molecular dynamics simulations, AIMD, high order elastic constants, mechanical properties, hydrogen embrittlement, radiation damage, solid solution strengthening, impurity segregation, shear, wear, crack, indentation, nanoindentation, and corrosion

PACS Codes:

31.15.xv, 71.15.Pd, 77.70.+a, 77.84.Ek,62.20.D-, 61.48.Gh, 62.25.-g, 45.20.Jj