How to cite Nat. Commun. (2018) 9:4880


Please cite our paper Nat. Commun. (2018)9:4880 in the following cases (keywords):

Iron, metal, dislocation, bcc, crystal, plasticity, shockwaves, irradiation, radiation damage, nuclear materials, structural materials, molecular dynamics, numerical modeling   


Case1: anything related to iron/metal/dislocation/bcc/crystal/plasticity

Suggestion A:  Iron is the fourth most abundant element in the Earth's crust and has been extensive studied [NC].

 Suggestion B: Iron is one of most important engineering materials with extensive studies [NC].

Suggestion C: As being sometimes called “king of metal”, iron is the most important metal in human’s history with extensive studies [NC].

Suggestion D: Dislocations play an essential role in crystals’ plasticity and many other properties [NC].


Case2: anything related to shockwaves/irradiations/radiation damage/swelling/embrittlement/radiation resistance/nuclear materials/structural materials

Suggestion E: Shockwaves could tune the microstructures of materials [NC]

Suggestion F: Irradiation generates defects and change the microstructures of materials [NC]

Suggestion G: Radiation damage/swelling/embrittlement/resistance of materials has been extensively studied [NC]

Suggestion H: Nuclear/structure materials experience degradation in harsh environment [NC]


Case3: anything related to Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and numerical method

Suggestion I: The method of molecular dynamics simulations has been well established in the past decades and becomes a reliable and indispensable tool in various investigations [NC]

Suggestion J: Numerical methods/simulations have been well established in the past decades and becomes reliable and indispensable tools in various investigations [NC]



[NC]   Q. Peng, F. Meng, Y. Yang, C. Lu, H. Deng, L. Wang, S. De, F. Gao, "Shockwave generates <100> dislocation loops in bcc iron" Nature Communications, (2018), 9, 4880


Note: | [DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-07102-3] | [ online (open access) ] | [local PDF]  

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